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2022 Tile Trends

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

The Newest tile trends to add colour, pattern and texture to your space.

Interior fans know that tiles are a stylish way to breathe life into your home, with a host of different shapes, colours, prints and patterns to choose from. But the question on every decor fan's lips is, what do the top tile trends 2022 have in store for us, and how do we style them?

Tiles have been a staple within interiors for centuries and despite the evolution of various formats and finishes, it’s the traditional styles that turn heads time after time. 2022 tile trends see new takes on these traditional classics, as well as forward-thinking ways to style them.

#1 Outdoor Tiling

'Stacked stone, also known as Culture Stone is a fast-growing trend. Usually used externally on facades, columns or water features, it is also popular used on an internal feature wall or fireplace.

#2 - Naturalist Style Tiles

An antidote to our reliance on technology, ‘Naturalist’ is the perfect foil for our obsession with the digital age. Taking its cue from Mother Earth, the ‘Naturalist’ trend focuses on the raw beauty of our natural world. Showcasing a colour palette of warm earthy tones, lush botanical greens, the design aim looks to bring the outdoors inside.

"Maximise your space and make your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor area more beautiful now"

#3 Large Format Tiles in Bathrooms

Sometimes, using the same tile size and colour can also work. This primary bathroom from SLJ Express Tiling shows the delightful way that an all-over marble bathroom creates a cohesive look without feeling overwhelming.

These marble wall tiles are a great example of effective large format porcelain tiles as they are available in multiple effects, such as iconic types of marble, mixing this trend with the natural effect one..

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